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Membresía ERD Music FUND 75

Get $20,000 

To annual music promotion, social media management, as well as a custom marketing strategy

ERD Music® offer 100% royalties!
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By 12 installments of $ 75 per month acce to Premium Membership! 
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Your contribution it allows us to help artists, music and arts throughout the world! 

Special Campaign for new members of the Fund ($92 Apply NOW by $75)
ERD Music FUND Promo Membership $75 per month

- Your videos will be in our general lists. Compatibility with 4K and HDR.

- Add: links to your social network, music store, website. Promote you New Album, EP's, new music, and more links. 

- You can embed the lists with your videos and music on your own platforms and push your promotion!

- Your fans anywhere in the world can viralize your content using their networks.

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