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ERD Music FUND-Membresía-Plus

You get US$ 2,000 to social media management for one year.

ERD Music FUND Basic Membership + Plus! 
Membership Plus is worth US$ 10 per month! 
Use ERD Music® as your record label ¡Complete the form. - Download the logo and the design of ERD Music that best suits your image and add it to your cover, photo, graphic, poster or brochure.
- Access from 1 to 5 of your videos will be on our general lists. 4K and HDR support.

- Insert the player on any page from your video.

- Your friends anywhere in the world can viralize your content using their networks.

- You can share video albums and your albums and releases of EP, Singles and new music that we will then make viral once a week.

Are you about to release your album ?, a single? Launch your song or album with ERD Music®!! DO IT! 
Are you going to release an EP next Friday for music or Monday? Add the logo and brand of ERD Music® that best fits in your cover design and access launch support on social and media networks.
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