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Music Fund Supports the promotion, dissemination and publicity of artists, authors and composers; events, concerts and shows. Support to distribution, marketing and promotion of music, videos, artistic productions and content, with an agreement that gives them profits and royalties to beneficiaries, encouraging creative and artistic independence. 
With a return of around 5% that is invested in new Funds.

Minimum amount of support: U$S 1,000

Maximum amount per project: U$S 25,000
Investment Total:U$S 25M. 

Foundations and objectives of the ERD Music Fund:  

-To promote the work of artists, authors, composers and performersas well as classical ballet, contemporary and theater companies, halls, public and private bodies; institutions and spaces dedicated to culture and the arts in the world. The Fund contributes with: marketing, advertising, promotion, distribution and sale of music, goods, merchandise; opera and theater productions, plays, multimedia content; photographs, videos, and  tickets for concerts, events and shows.

-Provides resources, investment, financing, and means for promotion, distribution, sales and marketing of its creative products, music and art; from their own online stores, web sites and channels.

We know this. In the early stages of any project; reach the public; sell and profit is difficult. 

That's why we focus on advertising, promotion and dissemination. But, even great artists and luminaries, require campaigns to renew hearings and remain in force.

Today the audience and the fans are everything. If you do not have followers on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Youtube channel, Vimeo or other; or were very few, we will focus on growing its audience and therefore will increase their ability to generate future income. Of course ultimately it all depends on the audience and their tastes. 

More Benefits: 

 Services and Resources Marketing, Advertising and Communication Digital 
Advertising, Media, Promotion and dissemination through digital media and social networks, implementing digital marketing strategies; community management, social media and network, marketing mix, relational marketing, etc. Today indispensable resources.

If the recipient already has a team, we will be an external support of it. If you are part of a production, artistic agency or record label or independent recording studio; or you have a manager, provided you do not have an exclusive contract (in which case it may not be a beneficiary of the Fund)If it is independent record producers or labels, we offer our cooperation and technical assistance, including services, media and resources.

The program of artistic patronage, one of the Music Funds is aimed at advertising campaigns, digital marketing, media and promotion ( on our own platforms, social networks and digital media and physical) and  covers 100% of the costs.

There are funds for campaigns with a variable duration: monthly (30 days) every two months (60 days), quarterly (90 days) every four months (120 days), half (180 days) and annual (subject to renewal in certain artistic long - term projects ). The Fund contributes between 40% and up to 80% of the value of each advertising campaign. The beneficiary of the Fund may pay in economic installments, the remaining amount. Always, always, within the measure of its possibilities.

The rates collected are reverted; in more and new benefits for artists and cultural institutions; expanding the scope of the promotion lines, new assignments for beneficiaries and new calls.

The goal is to encourage beneficiaries to campaigns that are vital to publicize their products and activities. 

This directly enhances their chances of ticket sales for concerts and music in different formats, to give greater visibility to their productions.

- Distribution Services
IMPORTANT:  All benefits, 100% of the royalties generated by sales; are for artists and rights holders of the works (with taxes and deductions that apply). 

Distribution Agreement musical content It does not imply the partial or total transfer of your rights. Great benefit. 

ERD Music; It is a record label, which acts as a launching pad. We contribute with their own ability to generate revenue; independently, without giving up much of its gains, as with a regular record deal. 

This is one of the most important benefits; and a breakthrough in the music industry.

By participating; Accept the Agreement, the Terms and Conditions.

We authorize the use of ERD Music as a record label, including the use of logos and brands.
Complete the form  - Download the logo ERD Music  that best suits your image and add to your front, photos, graphics, flyers, brochures, posters, etc.

Who can participate?
Artists, authors, composers and performers; institutions and organizations, public or private, dedicated to education and musical training and artistic, with or without profit; artistic groups, orchestras, choirs and other group formations, as well as music publishers, distributors and independent labels anywhere in the world. Over 18 years. They can participate people of any nationality.
They can also participate in their projects: 
- writers, poets, playwrights and screenwriters. 
- dancers, ballet, actors, choreographers. 
- Plastic artists, painters, graphic designers and web designers.

Investment Amount:
Celebrating 25 Years of ERD Music with artists, the 2020 benefits will be granted worldwide, with a total investment of U$S 25M.

Maximum amount per project:  U $ S 25,000
With a return of the 5%  invested in new funds. Without interest.

Example: $ 10,000 Dollars for applying to invest in your campaign, returns 5%. 
$500 in 12 monthly installments of $ 41. 
And 100% royalties are yours. 
And you get $ 10,000 dollars for an annual campaign promotion, marketing, advertising and sales. 
ERD Music Label offers 100% royalty . 

For $ 25,000 returns 5%: $1.250. In 12 installments of $105.

We reiterate minimum return percentage (which is invested in new funds) within their means; 12 monthly installments you can pay with cards, transfers, PayPal. See commissions and percentages cards and banks. 100% royalties for you!

How do you participate? The application is simple, minimum requirements and is performed only way online.

What are the steps in the digital application?

Requirements for Application: 
Digital photo of the Artist, authors, interpreters. Institutions and organizations, music schools, orchestras, choirs; Public or private, with or without profit, they must send a photo of: logo, shield or icon. Independent music publishers, distributors and record companies must send a photo of their logo, shield or representative icon.

Minimum dimensions of 600 x 600 pixels. Maximum dimensions of 1200 x 1200 pixels. Color: RGB (common in most digital cameras). 

CV of the applicant and brief outline or biography (in PDF, TXT, Word).

The plan, program or project itself, the schedule of activities planned (if any). 

- Audio (MP3, WAV, etc.) and videos in formats and digital media.

- web platforms, your site, links to stores and streaming services (iTunes, Spotify, etc.) and links to their social networks. 

-Note explaining the reason for the request or foundation of the project, aimed at the mentor of the Fund,CEO of ERD Music®, Lucio Stoppello

* It is recommended to create a PDF document containing all information, photos, links, information, audios, videos and links, but the parties can send as attachments in an email.

Our funding does not include support for:
• tourism, accommodation or costs related to residences 
• recording and production
• financing of live performances
•  We do not finance basic organizational costs, wage costs or costs of living.
(There are other funds that cover these needs). 

We reiterate that we support the promotion, dissemination and publicity artists, authors and composers; events, concerts and shows. Distribution, marketing and promotion of music and content, under a contract  that gives profits and royalties to beneficiaries, encouraging creative independence and artistic.

We support projects that have real, concrete and possible targets. It is vital to program and define the amount and characteristics of the investment will.
Fundamente the order and if possible send us a breakdown of costs and expenses and campaign plan, launch, etc. We evaluate each request, after finishing each call, so the response (positive or negative) may be even within one or two weeks. 

Called 2020 are: 

February 3, 2020 (finalized) 
Upcoming: April 1, 2020 
June 25, 2020 
August 17, 2020 
October 17, 2020 

All applications must be submitted before 6 pm. on the day of the deadline.

We close the application forms up to 1 week after each deadline for the proper functioning and development of the program funds and allocation system. The length of each benefit period is 1 year; But NO is a definite limit. A successful tour can take even more than two (2) years. We want to extend their projects and sustainable. 

In the note to our CEO, Music Producer, Lucio Stoppello; provides details about the project, the schedule of activities planned; and more important details. 
Don't forget: attach links to ticket sales platforms, website and links to online stores, etc.

More Frequent questions: 

How often can you participate in the ERD Music Fund? 
Due to the high demand for funds and financing, you can only participate once per calendar year.

When can you apply again?
If you are the beneficiary in any call of this year, you should expect a calendar year to participate in another, due to the high demand for funds.

Recipients must have a solid artistic project for repeated support for the same.

How is the concession of benefits informed?
Applicants are notified by email.
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