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Lucio Stoppello will participate in Cannes

Lucio Stoppello will participate in Cannes Spot the Composer. Our CEO and record producer at the Cannes Film Festival!

LV! Congratulations Master! Our CEO

Lucio Stoppello. CEO ERD. ERTV. TVER. Filmmaker. Video Maker. Independent producer and director of content for Cine AR / VR / TV and Films. Photographer. Plastic artist. Author, musician and composer. Discographic producer. Sound engineer.

Filmography: 1 feature film and 7 short films.
First film: film of the play "RAMIREZ Folk Musical Drama" in post-production.
Participates in the 76 Cannes Film Festival. Cannes Shorts. Official Section.
Won 4 Awards & Official Selection Lift-Off Sessions Film Festival London 2023.
Nikon Film Festival. Japan.
Sony World Photography Awards 2023.
GFX Challenge 2022 FUJIFILM, Tokyo, Japan.

He intervened in content and digital art of Warner Pictures' "Black Adam" (2022) with Dwayne Johnson, Pierce Brosnan and a stellar cast, he intervened music of "The Dark Tower" (2017) with soundtrack by Junkie XL. Soundtrack arrangements and SFX for Bleeding Fingers in a work by Hans Zimmer "Destiny's Door" (2012).

He attended the international film festivals of Berlin, CANNES, Biennale Cinema di Venezia, San Sebastián, the Golden Globes ceremony and the Academy Awards in 2017 and 2018. 2020 to 2022.

Lucio V has created soundscapes, Create SFX effects, foley, soundtracks, teaser and trailers, scores for shorts, series and movies. He was involved in soundtrack arrangements for the series WestWorld and Bridgerton, with pieces recorded by Spitfire Studios, his Symphony Orchestra and the BBC London Symphony Orchestra, at Air Studios, Abbey Road or SA Recordings.

Member of IMDb and the Association of Sound Engineers. Since 2012 Mixing with the Masters Michael Brauer, Eddie Kramer, Tony Maserati, Joe Chiccarelli, Hans Zimmer, Ed Cherney, Sylvia Massy, Steve Albini, Manny Marroquín, Jack Joseph Puig, Greg Wells, Timbaland, Larry Klein, John Powell, Jack Antonoff , Bob ClearMountain, Rafa Sardina, Finneas O'Connell, John Greenham, Al Schmitt, Andrew Scheps, Chris Lord-Alge, Andy Wallace, Alan Parsons, and Alan Meyerson.

Author and writer of 5 books, manuals and 2 encyclopedias with Pedia Press in Nuremberg. His publications deal with issues of the music industry, production, music recording, in Spanish. They are manufactured and distributed from Brazil, Germany, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the USA. Printed in 5 languages: Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, German. Available in more than 260 countries.

In cinema and production he has master classes with directors like Martin Scorsese, Ron Howard, Spike Lee or Judd Apatow, Jodie Foster and several classes with Werner Herzog. He attended one with Clint Eastwood in 2017. The same year he met the maestro Ennio Morricone at the 59th Grammy Awards.

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